The Bulldogs

Significant dogs in the Family


Tudor's Dibo

Tudor's Dibo is the most significant dog in the breed and is the foundation of almost all the modern families of gamedogs today. He was the sire of such well known dogs as CH. Buck, CH. Spike 4XW, CH. Jeff, CH. Frito, CH. Red Bill, CH. Clancy, CH. Sandri, CH. White Rock 4XW, CH. Crybaby and many others. This is the dog in which our family of gamedogs is based on and our dogs contain the purest and genetically closest blood from this great dog.


Ch. Tudor's Spike       Ch. Tudor's Jeff
Sons of the great Dibo
Ch. Plumber's Alligator


Uno One of the greatest pit dogs in history, Ch Alligator was known as a highly destructive dog and one of the hardest biting dogs seen to date. Alligator was bred out of Tudor's (Mayfield's) Nigger ROM and Williams' Satin Lady. We attribute the strong bite and power our dogs posses to this great pit dog.
Mayfield's Nigger ROM
The basis of our family of dogs.
Lloyd's Pilot
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Earl Tudor at 3 years of age.

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            Tudor's Black Jack                          Tudor's White Rock



Tudor's Goldie                                  Mayfield's Dibo



Don Mayfield con Pit General
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Kershner's Askum
Kershner's Chace DG